Grant award terms

Please read our grant award terms and conditions before accepting a grant.


As the official charity of Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust (Trust), Sussex Community NHS Charity (Charity) is committed to ensuring that all grants awarded are used to enhance the health and wellbeing of staff, patients, and volunteers. We aim to achieve the Charity's objectives while adhering to the legal requirements applicable to NHS Charities.

The Charity can only fund projects which are above and beyond which the core NHS budget can provide for.

The grant terms and conditions below, together with the Award Letter sent by email, set out the terms and conditions upon which the Charity makes the grant to the applicant. These terms and conditions shall remain applicable to the grant until the full amount of the grant has been expended and all reporting obligations in relation to the grant have been complied with.


Purpose and use of Grant

The grant must be used according to your approved application and budget, and only for the purposes outlined in your application.

We understand that sometimes changes are needed for a project. If you become aware of any required or potential changes, please contact the Charity office as soon as possible to discuss the alteration. It's important to obtain written consent from the Charity before making any significant changes to the use of the grant from what was originally outlined in your application.


Ongoing expenditure

The Charity cannot take on any ongoing responsibility, financial or otherwise, for the expenditure of the grant or any related liabilities. The funding provided is limited to the amount specified in your awarded grant and is not intended to be a recurring or annual allocation.

Additionally, the Charity does not cover maintenance costs for projects funded by our grants. Please ensure these costs are considered and approved from another source before accepting a grant to make sure your project remains sustainable.


Staffing costs

If the grant will be used to fund staffing costs, please ensure you fully engage with the People Directorate. It's important to note that no employment relationship will arise between the Charity and any staff funded by the grant. The Charity does not provide permanent funding for positions. After the period funded by the grant, the Trust will be responsible for all costs related to any funded positions or employees and will handle all employment issues associated with the role throughout the grant period.



All purchases and spend must be made in line with the Trusts procurement processes, using approved suppliers.


If the item within the requisition is classed as medical, scientific or computer equipment for use in research, training, diagnosis or treatment, it is eligible for the zero-rating of the VAT charges levied by the supplier because the purchase is financed from a charitable source.

To ensure that this zero-rating (if applicable) is obtained from the supplier, the following wording should be added to the request in Oracle in the 'note to the buyer' section of the 'Enter Notes and Attachments': [‘VAT Zero-Rating Certificate' to be mailed with order - medical equipment etc. purchase financed with Charitable Funds monies].

This is important as not only because it is extremely difficult to recover eligible VAT from a supplier once the invoice has been issued and paid but the effect it has in draining the resources of the Charity which should be being used productively for the welfare of the Trust's patients and staff.


Spending timeframes

All procurement processes should be initiated within 3 months of approval, and the total grant should be spent within 6 months of approval unless permission granted to approve an extension.

The Charity encourages applicants to reach out promptly if any financial or other issues arise regarding the use of the Grant. We believe in working together collaboratively to address and resolve any challenges that may arise. Your proactive communication helps ensure the success of your project and our partnership.

If funds are not spent within 12 months of approval, the applicant will need to reapply for funding unless prior approval granted by the Charity team.


Record keeping

Applicants must ensure that they keep accurate records of the expenditure of the grant and any other relevant documentation to support completion of remittance report and case study form.


Updates and communication

A remittance report will need to be completed within 12 months of the grant approval date. This will include total expenditure for the project and a breakdown of how it was spent.

Applicants should be ready to share outcomes and impact by submitting a case study form. This helps provide evidence of the improvements proposed in the application and demonstrates the impact of the funding on staff, patients, visitors, and volunteers. The case study should be submitted within 12 months of the grant approval date, or 6 months after project completion for long-term projects. We'll provide the form to all successful applicants.

For projects spanning more than one year, we'll request an intermediary evaluation before the final evaluation at the project's end.

It's important applicants keep us informed by reporting on the expenditure of their entire grant, including any funds granted to other charities and organizations. Your transparency helps us ensure the effective use of our funding.



The Charity expects and appreciates recognition for any funding approved in all publications, and charity branding will be provided to the applicant by the Charity Office. The Charity would need copies of any publications distributed that contains charity branding. Please contact the Charity Office for further information related to usage of Charity branding.

Applicants are asked to work with the Charity and assist with any reasonable requests in relation to publicity in relation to the grant. If you wish to promote the grant project publicly please seek prior approval from the Charity.

Where the grant is used to fund (wholly or in part) a particular role or post, it is expected that anyone appointed using the grant funds will be made aware of the source of funding for the post, and that anyone appointed using the grant will be prepared to participate in publicity with fundraisers and donors to discuss the role and the difference made by the grant. Where the grant funds significant capital expenditure, there should also be appropriate acknowledgement of the Charity.

Applicants should not use the Charity name, logos and any other imagery in any way which is inappropriate or in any way damaging to the Charity or the Trust. If, in the reasonable opinion of the Charity, your use is inappropriate or in any way damaging, you must cease to use the name, the logo or any other imagery immediately upon receiving written notice (including by email) from the Charity, delete any online copies, and withdraw all hard copy materials using the name, logo or other imagery.



You are required to inform the Charity Office of any royalty payments from projects funded by the Charity and may be required to share a proportion of the proceeds. Please liaise with the Charity Office who will be able to provide support.



All equipment funded by the Charity will be considered a donation to Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust. The Charity will not be involved in maintenance, depreciation, or insurance. Regardless of any changes in personnel, the equipment will remain the property of Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust.

All medical equipment must be procured through the normal medical devices processes.

We would encourage recycling at the end of the useful life of any piece of equipment.


Working with third party organisations

As a grant recipient, you are responsible for all expenditures of the grant, including those by any partner organisations. This includes both delivery partners and any grantees.

You must conduct appropriate and proportionate due diligence on any third-party organisation involved in using the grant funds to ensure they are suitable to receive the funds or participate in program delivery. This is particularly important if the organisation is not a charity.

You must establish appropriate grant terms with any third-party organisations to ensure that the funds are used solely for the purposes outlined in the application, align with the Charity's objectives, and comply with these terms and conditions. Please reach out to the Charity office for support in developing these grant terms.

It's essential that all organisations receiving grant funds acknowledge that the funds were provided by the Charity. Additionally, you must provide each organisation with a copy of these terms and conditions to ensure clarity and compliance.

By working together, we can ensure the effective and proper use of the grant funds to achieve our shared goals.



Get in touch with the charity team by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 01273 266040.