Brewing up for chari-tea!

10 November 2023

Orla and Emily at their tea party

In a heartwarming display of community spirit, local residents Orla and Emily came together to host two delightful tea parties, all in the name of charity. The hosts, Orla and Emily, orchestrated this fundraising initiative, with the aim of raising vital funds for the Sussex Community NHS Charity.

Orla said: "The NHS has helped us so much, we wanted to help them. The Community Trust has been especially good at helping with OT and physio and speech therapy. We wanted to help lots of other people get these and to help the wonderful staff who do so much."

The two hosts left no stone unturned in their quest to raise funds. They organised not one but two charming tea parties, hosted at their respective homes, where they treated guests to an array of homemade cakes, biscuits, and savoury snacks. Their culinary talents were on full display, creating a delightful atmosphere filled with the aroma of freshly baked goodies.

In addition to the tea parties, Orla and Emily tapped into their creative side by offering hand-painted pottery for sale. Their artistic endeavours proved to be a hit, with one generous individual purchasing a pot for £50. It's clear that the community rallied behind their efforts.

Orla and Emily at their tea party with a table full of cakes

Orla and Emily shared their joy at the entire process, emphasising the fun they had while baking, the wonderful scents that filled their homes, and the joy of mingling with friends and neighbours. Emily, in particular, relished the role of serving food and engaging in heartfelt conversations.

In total, this dedicated community raised an impressive £749 to support the Sussex Community NHS Trust. Orla and Emily encourage others to support this cause, acknowledging the incredible dedication of the doctors, nurses, and all the hardworking staff who play a vital role in helping the community.

This heartwarming community initiative showcases the power of coming together to support a cause that touches so many lives. The photos provided (with consent) capture the essence of this fundraising effort, and additional contributions via the JustGiving page are expected to further boost their noble cause.

The Sussex Community NHS Charity is sure to put these funds to good use, benefiting those who rely on their services. A massive thank you again to both Orla and Emily for their amazing efforts!