We walked for wards

12 June 2022

Walk for Wards starting line

After a long postponement due to the pandemic, we were so happy to finally take part in Walk for Wards on Saturday 11 June 2022 – and even made the evening news!

Over 100 participants took to the trail at the beautiful Glynde Place, a rural estate tucked away in the heart of the magnificent South Downs.

What made this event extra special, was not only that this was a rare opportunity to be at Glynde Place, but also, this was the first time our official Trust charity, Sussex Community NHS Charity, has collaboratively fundraised with other NHS charities in the area.

Together with Heads On (who co-ordinated the event), East Sussex NHS charity and SASH Charity, our charity joined forces to maximise support for healthcare within Sussex.

Our magnificent team of SCFT walkers, joggers and runners took on the 5K and 10K challenge solely to raise funds for our Trust and what an amazing job they have done!

“It was an amazing setting, and the weather was good to us. It was so lovely to see families competing against each other and others just enjoying a leisurely stroll in the sunshine.” SCFT volunteer Michele enthused.

Every penny raised for our charity will assist projects that go above and beyond what core NHS funding provides. For example, donations could support technology, such as a mobile tablet, helping a ward patient stay connected with family. Hospital patient and staff areas could be spruced up, creating calm and healing environments. Or just £5 could pay for a discharge care bag, providing a few essential items to help reduce anxiety for a patient returning home.

”We are so grateful to Heads On for bringing our charities and our supporters all together at this beautiful location near Lewes to walk for wards. And for every one of our participants who laced up their walking shoes to raise funds supporting our community NHS services and staff across Sussex – it was a marvellous day and I hope it is the first of many events delivered in partnership with fellow NHS charities in Sussex” said Rosie Gratwick, Sussex Community NHS Charity Manager.

Thank you to everyone who walked for wards – we couldn't have done it without you! We are so grateful to the helping hands of our fabulous volunteers and to our wonderful community for your participation, donations and kind words of support.