Dementia Team

The Dementia Team provides support across the Trust to ensure that people living with dementia thrive while using our services.

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What we do

The Dementia Team is on hand to provide consultancy, direction and training to teams across the Trust to support people with dementia whilst using our hospitals and community services.

The Dementia Team also provides innovative support to patients with dementia to reduce the impact of the unfamiliar clinical environment during their inpatient stay. Read on below for an example of their projects.

Bringing interactive therapy to patients with dementia

In 2022, the Dementia Team introduced RITA – or ‘Reminiscence Interactive Therapy Activities' – to six Intermediate Care Units across Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust. RITA is a pre-loaded system of interactive activities, such as relaxing music, photos, games, and exercise sessions, to help patients with dementia feel more at ease during their hospital stay and keep in touch with the outside world. 

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Two volunteers using the RITA dementia software

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